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Revolutionizing Humanity's Relationship with the Planet: Advocacy, Education, Action.

Empowering individuals to embrace sustainable living, advocate for animal welfare, and protect our planet’s future through education and action.

Plastic free campaigns

Teaching by example is what my mother did and what any good parent must do. My mother has picked up millions of pieces of trash that she has found in so many places and still does. By walking for an hour or more a day, she always finds multiple things on the ground or in the water that need a new home. Therefore Erica Bliss is the Secretary of our organisation as anytime someone sees her, that person realises that they can improve themselves, by witnessing her honesty, openness and kindness to all living beings.

Through our plastic management school programmes, we currently have students, teachers and even principals like Mr. Raj Kumar Saud with about 3000 students in his school and Mr. Bhoj Raj Pant, owner of 2 schools and 1 very elegant college in Nepal, wherein about 30% to 40% of the students still pick up trash and even bury it in deep pits they dug for non recyclable garbage on large government lands. This waste management course has become routine even during school hours in both private and government schools. Even highly educated students are finding it enjoyable to keep their own trash organised around their bodies and bags, while other kids make it a game, counting each piece of trash they pick up to see who does the most within 3 mins.


Being more conscious of picking up even the smallest wrappers and reminding shop owners and others with a loudspeaker or soft voice to do the same daily so more of their community’s garbage is properly managed, is another way of creating awareness and ensuring that the environment is protected.

We have reached thousands to more than a million people in a day who have their camera phones out and ready, parading through or near large events, marathons, slow moving highways or busy intersections, where I have walked with huge one to six sided signs and banners, that are between 8 feet to 26 feet tall. Of all the people whom we meet, we find it much more effective to reach out to and train the youths and young minds and as such, we will continue to focus on the youth and constantly encourage them and train them in the management of their families’ own garbage. 

Why are we choosing to do this? It’s because we are creatures of habit and kids don’t have habits yet or habits can easily be formed in them. Young students are just doing what the elders instruct them to do  and copy their leader’s actions. Some students study carefully what they are presented with and grasp the benefits of being a planet protector and the ill effect of being a planet destroyer for profit.  Hopefully, the smart kids will get on track, are able to fix the micro plastic and overheating of the earth problem, and so then later when they grow up,they may choose to have their own family, in a healthier, safer and happier world.

Going Vegan Promotion

Embracing a vegan lifestyle isn’t just a dietary choice; it’s a profound step towards fostering a sustainable, compassionate world. Our organization fervently advocates for this transformation, understanding that the decision to go vegan extends far beyond individual health—it’s a commitment to our planet, animals, and future generations.

By choosing to go vegan, you become an ambassador for change, nurturing a lifestyle that resonates with kindness, environmental consciousness, and ethical considerations. Every meal devoid of animal products becomes a statement—a declaration of your commitment to reducing carbon footprints, mitigating animal suffering, and preserving precious ecosystems.

Through our dedicated campaigns and outreach programs, we strive to illuminate the myriad benefits of a plant-based diet. We celebrate the shift towards a diet abundant in plant-powered nutrients, one that not only fosters personal wellness but also significantly reduces the ecological strain caused by animal agriculture.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to make informed choices that align with a compassionate ethos. We provide resources, guidance, and a supportive community to aid in the transition to a vegan lifestyle, ensuring that every step taken towards this paradigm shift is met with encouragement and assistance.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is more than a trend; it’s a conscientious decision that echoes a commitment to a better world. It’s about making choices today that contribute to a tomorrow where animals are respected, ecosystems flourish, and humanity lives in harmony with the planet.

Join us in this transformative journey towards a kinder, greener future. Your decision to embrace veganism not only impacts your life but radiates a positive influence on the world around you. Together, let’s create a more compassionate and sustainable world by choosing the power of plants, kindness to animals, and environmental stewardship through a vegan lifestyle.”

This content emphasizes the holistic benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle while highlighting the positive impacts on personal health, animal welfare, and the environment. It aims to inspire and encourage individuals to make conscious choices that align with the values of compassion and sustainability.

Animals Protection

When I was young, growing up in Paradise, California, I never liked to see violence and suffering except when playing American football, which I loved, but it was controlled violence with a goal. So leaving home as a teenager I volunteered many of my youthful years starting from my teens into 20’s and beyond for welfare and humanitarian work, mostly cooking, as well as feeding the poor and needy people. I helped supply and personally served plant-based meals to millions of people individually and collectively, collaborating with groups that also did this service. I did similar activities in India and Nepal as well.


In 2013, I returned to India because I wanted to help with the street dog and cow problem, where tens of millions of these animals live on the streets and tens of thousands of accidents are caused monthly by these animals, either hurting or killing both humans and animals. Around 400 people die daily on the streets of India and Nepal and countless more people are injured as well. A great number of these incidents are caused by these animals running in the streets. In the west we don’t have cows on the streets and very few street dogs as well. The eastern philosophy that teaches people to be kind to all living beings, just needs a little international innovative intervention to remedy the issue. It is very rare for us to  hear of cows causing road accidents in  the western countries, perhaps we will hear it once every five years. 


Many government officials and animal shelters in Nepal, including a few mayors, will let us set up mass roundup repurposing experiments to manage these street animal problems. Two mayors even promised their support and commitment for our nomadic cow sanctuary programme. Many of these officials even allowed us to paint our mind set training template on animal protection, ban on plastic and plant based diet. For example, Mayor Hemraj Oja of Gularia and Mayor Gopi Hemal of Dhangadhi, two of the mayors we have been in contact with, have already banned plastic soon after we brought 2000 plus students to his office with many bags of street trash. However, one drawback was that they just wanted me or the west to pay for the initiative. This is the reason why we need as much support as possible from well wishers and International environmental organisations and funders.

We carried on with these programmes as much as we could, but in 2016 everything changed when I saw a quote from Bill Gates that said “It’s not a choice unless the human population of the world becomes vegan within the next few years, life as we know it will end. That means your children will die before they reach your present age. Meat and dairy cause more suffering and environmental damage than all the wars in history. Veganism is not a choice, it’s our only option.” Bill Gates.


So I started doing everything differently. I started becoming more of a global thinker, not just a humanitarian.  I began changing my message on the large banners with quotes from Bill Gates and other influential persons like Albert Einstein who requested the world to be vegetarian decades ago. I will carry these banner wherever I go for many hours a day, sometimes eight hours or 12 hours.My record was 20 hours with about two half hour breaks in Utah at a marathon in Salt Lake City and Pride parade. Often, with my banners, I walked right into countless schools, colleges and universities with this message. Asian countries especially were more willing to let me and other world guardians I recruited speak in the classrooms, or assembly halls, and  often even after the very first time that we met the principal..


I learned from repetition when I was in my teens that one can create a dynamic change in memory and habit, when I wrote, heard, spoke, studied, the Sanskrit, Spanish and Bengali languages. When you say something, when you write something, when you hear something, when you sing that one thing with your heart it can completely have a mesmerising effect and enchant you and a whole school into a fully pure, hygienic and friendly state of mind.  See our videos and clips on our YouTube and TIck tok channel (envirodiet-world guardians). After working with so many protesters, activists, governments, institutions and individuals, I realised that they all have one thing in common. They’re not affecting massive environmental change, or getting people to change their lifestyle. The two main reasons for that are? #1) The adults are running the show, not the kids, that we should live and die for. #2) The kids are not being taught and trained how to protect the environment, not instilling in them this sense of duty and responsibility towards our dear earth and all the living beings inhabiting it.  


The older people who attended school years before, were not thoroughly instructed and repeatedly trained on how to manage and recycle waste, and how to live the most harmonious and beneficial way for all.  The adults mainly care about money, power, fame, comforts etc. as they learned this from their forefathers, books and institutions. Getting ahead, survival of the fittest and all of those things that lead to the exploitation of others, even if it contributes to causing the destruction of the earth, and not the protection of the planet. Possibly, only the kids and some of the mothers and fathers can be changed. The uncorrupted want a simple life, they don’t want violence and suffering, they want to just be happy, play and eat well.

This can be done on a plant-based diet. We can feed twice the world over, ending world hunger, and give the purpose back to the animals that they have had for millions of years, but humans, have nearly stopped it in the last few hundred years.In the past, the animals of the world lived nomadically moving in herds, eating the fire hazardous growth, fertilising and softening the ground everywhere they went. The animals can help slow the rapid overheating of the planet just by living, defecating and then dying as they have always done. We just have to allow them adequate access to water, mobile veterinarians and possibly shelter if the trees are not sufficient.  

Donation by Will

Leaving a legacy is more than just a gesture; it’s a profound commitment toward a cause that resonates deeply with your values. Consider the impact you can make even after your lifetime by making a will to support our organization dedicated to advocating for a vegan lifestyle, environmental preservation, and animal welfare.

Much like seeds planted today for a thriving future, your contribution through a will ensures that your values endure beyond your lifetime. Your generosity fosters the continuation of our mission, empowering us to spread awareness, educate communities, and actively work towards a planet free from the perils of plastic pollution and the exploitation of animals.

Your decision to include our cause in your will contributes to the vital sustenance of initiatives that inspire change, nurture compassion, and cultivate a healthier world for generations to come. Every individual choosing this path becomes a part of a collective effort that transcends time, leaving a mark of compassion and responsibility towards the environment and all its inhabitants.

By choosing to make a will donation to our cause, you are not just supporting an organization; you are sowing the seeds of hope, knowledge, and progress. Your lasting gift will empower future generations to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, creating a world where kindness to animals, conscious consumerism, and environmental harmony prevail.

Together, through your legacy of generosity, we continue the journey toward a planet that thrives, where every being coexists in harmony, and where the commitment to a cruelty-free, eco-conscious lifestyle prevails. Your decision to bequeath a portion of your legacy to our cause paves the way for a brighter, more compassionate future for all.”

This content aligns with the ethos of leaving a lasting impact and emphasizes the importance of supporting the cause even beyond one’s lifetime through a will donation.

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