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Our journey began as Bliss explored global issues, advocating for animal welfare and initiating planet-saving missions.

2013 With a focus to understand world problems the founder Mr. Bliss revisited India after 20 plus years, documented and volunteered in animal welfare groups. Then returned to the US to start a non-profit and deveop future plans to help the animals and the climate. 


2014 Mr. Bliss Went across the US from California to New York promoting human and non-human animal equality to protect life, collaborating with tens of thousands of kind people. In chicago alone there were over 30,000 Persons attending the veggie fest where Mr. Bliss also was a key motivator to thousands of why to live a planet protecting lifestyle.

Bliss also tried to open a transparent cheese factory in Washington and even began living on the land there. 


2015 Mr. Bliss Returned to Asia and carried many sizes of planet protecting banners in different countries.


2016 Bliss also returned to Nepal and India joining many televised events and volunteered for animal and planet protection rallies schools.

2017 Campaigned in the USA for planet saving activities.


2018 World Guardians lectured and trained at schools in Thailand, India and Nepal in Schools, Colleges and Universities.


2019 World Guardians continued many events and daily or weekly protests for planet survival in Nepal and USA, and volunteered training in waste managment in schools.


2020 World Guardians kept mostly in Nepal school 


2021 World Guardians Campainged in USA for the kids, women and the climate.


2022 /23  World Guardians Campained trained and instructed students in Asia.

Embracing Veganism: Advocating Compassionate Living Globally

Throughout our family’s journey, the ethos of a meat-free lifestyle prevailed, shaping our values even before we entered the world. Our surviving parent has embraced veganism, a stark contrast to some who adopt this lifestyle out of a disdain for animals. 

An ultra-compassionate vegan, by default, harbours a love for animals from birth, nurtured to care, and respect them as equals. A banner proclaiming “All animals are equal!”—crafted by my brother and me—became a symbol of our cause, paraded across America and into Canada.

Since the establishment of our organisation in 2013, our focus has centred on promoting plant-based diets globally. This outreach is particularly impactful in developing countries where compassionate lifestyles and thoughtful coexistence with the Earth are intrinsic. This stands in contrast to Western societies, where the prevailing mindset often prioritises personal enjoyment over the well-being of herbivores and carnivores, a form of speciesism that we vehemently oppose.

Our advocacy extends across various mediums, from television programs, media events, and potlucks to social media campaigns. Actively standing before temples with banners, we address issues like animal sacrifices and engage at busy bus stops worldwide. Whether on public transport or Zoom calls, I seize opportunities to discuss ultra-compassionate lifestyles, sustainable solutions to feed a growing population, and strategies to protect women, children, and animals while mitigating climate change.

Individuals from diverse backgrounds—Americans, Europeans, Africans, and Asians—occasionally join us in our mission, contributing to the pursuit of lasting Bliss, increasing peace, sustainability, and the concept of “over-generative soils” as a term symbolising the preservation of both animal and human lives.

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